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What ever you know about or have learned in self defense American pressure point self defense system will  further enhanced your knowledge by teaching you how to manipulate the body’s s nervous system. By learning how to strike to deep sense nerves within the muscle belly or in organs you can stop a attacker in his tracks. The study of pressure point fighting that we do is called the American Pressure Point Self defense System.

Unlike  Dim Mak we use a easy to learn method that is easy to understand and is backed with medical fact not disputed like some dim mak theories.  These methods are especially useful for people of smaller stature and who must control an individual without causing any permanent damage such as bruising or bleeding. Security guards,bouncers,and body guards find these techniques useful in maintaining control of a attacker until the police arrives.

If you are trained in martial arts pressure points can be used to enhance the effects of your current arsenal of natural weapons. This system is easy to learn and use to save your life or others.  The American Pressure Point Self defense System is  a stand alone system and taught to people with many years of training and to those with no martial arts or self defense training at all. Don’t be fooled by so called pressure point experts who knock people out without touching them and use there students as knock out dummies to prove there system.

We teach combat proven system and don’t believe in knocking a person out for practice or for demo purposes is safe to do. We also teach knife fighting but never stab or cut a student to prove what a knife is capable of killing. If  you are being K.O. by your instructor for practice then ask your doctor if it is really safe to have it done to you and when you get the answer it should be a wake up call to get out of this type of teaching ASAP  and find a instructor in the American Pressure Point Self Defense System.

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