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[WATCH]: REAL homemade Pulse Laser Gun ! in HIGH SPEED !

Rating: 4 A FRACTION OF THAT BEAM WILL BLIND YOU INSTANTLY! Never point lasers at any kind of shiny surfaces, animals/humans… Made this one on request. Was sold before fabrication was started. FB my friend, hope you have as much fun with her as I did :) treat her well! Will be hard putting this in a box and ship it! This gun holds a q-switched Nd:YAG laser head. After charging the capacitors (takes about 4 secs.), it fires an intense 1 MW blast of invisible infrared 1064nm light! The pulse-duration is somewhere around 100ns…no chance to get the impacts with a normal camera. Never wield one of these without laser-glasses for 1064nm!!rss

Translation: Bagua SanShou Zhang


Here is a new translation by Joseph Crandall. In this case it is Bagua Sanshou Zhang by Zhang Yaozhong, a long time teacher and student ofWang Pei Sheng. Mr. Zhang writes about many aspects of Bagua practice with a long center section explaining the 64 lines of Liu De Kuan and another section on the five elements movements and how they relate to Bagua. More, including a legend, Bagua standing and other comments on the art.rss

[WATCH]: HD ORIG FOOTAGE CarlsJR MAN SHOT DEAD Monterey P Police Suspect w Pipe Bender Taser Gunfire Dog Cops

Rating: 3

RIP Steve. I love you!! GECKO LIZARD PREDICTS SUPERBOWL? CLICK THIS: FUNERAL INFORMATION FOR TODAY!!!! THE COMPLETE ORIGINAL HIGH DEFINITION FOOTAGE: STEVEN RODRIGUEZ SHOT DEAD @ CARL’S JR. Vid & Commentary: LOS ANGELES Police say they shot and killed a man who allegedly threatened officers with a metal bar he was using to smash the windows of a restaurant in Monterey Park. STEVEN RODRIGUEZ Steven Rodriguez died from gunshots at Carls Jr Update: please join Steven Rodriguez’s facebook page if you are interested to support or donate to Steve’s family. They are going through unimaginable grief now – I’ve met them. I know. Update: OK. I came back from Carl’s Jr. I left flowers and lit a blue candle for the guy that got shot dead. Someone (and I love you for it) already left a white candle burning there. Thank you… and I’m sorry if it was someone that was a friend or family of the guy that got shot. I took video of your candle. UPDATE: I AM GOING EXACTLY NOW TO THE CARL’S JR RESTAURANT TO WRITE A CONDOLENCE CARD TO THE GUY THAT GOT SHOT. AND TO LEAVE FLOWERS THERE FOR HIM. IF YOU WANT ME TO WRITE A MESSAGE ON THE CARD FOR HIM, OR THE WOMAN THAT GOT INJURED – PLEASE TEXT ME AT 1 THREE 1 ZERO 7 ZERO 3 33FIVE5. GOD BLESS… STAY SAFE FRIENDS. [IF POSSIBLE, PLEASE TRY TO WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO BEFORE COMMENTING. THANK YOU… AND IF YOU DON’T MIND, LET US PRAY FOR THE GUY SHOT TO DEATH, FOR HIS FAMILY AND FRIENDS THAT WILL rss

[WATCH]: swollen members – Pressure – Black Magic

Rating: 4

download this track for free from http://www.ALLNEWMP3S4FREE.INFO swollen members – Pressure – Black Magicrss

[WATCH]: Taser Hand

Rating: 5

kyle getting tasered………for a 4th timerss

[WATCH]: How to Use a Snap-Shooting Drill with the Tactical Carbine: Kelly McCann’s Tactical Carbine

Rating: 5

Employed properly, the tactical carbine is one of the most versatile and powerful weapons available to any citizen, law enforcement officer or military operator. Unfortunately, most carbine courses fail to take advantage of this weapon’s full potential. This explosive video changes all that. In his often irreverent, in-your-face style, Kelly McCann explodes the myths and teaches you everything you really need to know about the combat use of the tactical carbine. Drawing from years of real-world experience, McCann first teaches you how to configure your rifle for maximum performance. He then puts it to work, guiding you through the fundamental skills of combat marksmanship, reloading, immediate action drills, shooting on the move, weapon transitions and pivot shooting. Finally, he shows you how to really push the carbine’s performance envelope by using state-of-the-art optical sights to dramatically increase your shooting speed, monitor and engage multiple threats, and even shoot around and over cover without exposing yourself. These videos are sure to revolutionize your use of this weapon and drastically increase your tactical skills. Available now from the Paladin Press Professional Action Library: http://www.paladin-press.comrss

[WATCH]: Cool Jetbeam III M Flashlight Accessories

Rating: 4

Fun Gun Gear Reviews Presents: Jetbeam Flashlight accessories for the III M Military Series Flashlight. The “Large Teeth” Crenulated Bezel aka as the “Attack” Bezel and the GM01 5 position Picatinny Quick detach mount. Find both at Going Gear and get the 10% “sootch00″ discount and free ship over $49.00. Thanks for watching~rss

[WATCH]: Taser Selbstversuch

Rating: 3

KURIER Redakteur Matthias Hofer und der FPÖ-Nationalratsabgeordnete und Generalssekretär Harald Vilimsky testen im Selbstversuch wie die Taser-Pistolen wirken. Dabei werden 50.000 Volt Spannung durch ihre Körper gejagt.rss

[WATCH]: Dayton police taser man on bus

Rating: 2

Dayton police taser man on busrss

[WATCH]: Taser C2 Laser Stun Gun

Rating: 0

A taser C2 laser stun gun offers better protection than pepper sprays without the dangerous consequences of carrying a gun.rss


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