Pressure Point Self Defense


Shaping the future of

pressure point self defense.”


The National Institute of Pressure Point Arts was founded in 2000. It is an organization devoted to the safe teaching of, and research into, pressure point self defense.

Goals of the Institute

To teach realistic pressure point self defense techniques.
To put an end to the mystery and skepticism surrounding pressure points.
To make pressure point self defense easy to learn and easy to teach.
To help instructors of various martial arts styles incorporate pressure point knowledge and skills into their systems.
To help anyone who wishes to learn to defend themselves more effectively through the use of pressure points.
To teach self-healing techniques through the use of the traditional healing points of acupuncture.
To make sure that pressure points are not misused or misunderstood.
To provide the best training courses available for pressure point self defense.
To make pressure point self defense certification courses available at low cost, with no strings attached.
The N.I.P.P.A.The N.I.P.P.A. logo is based on an image of Busaganashi, the mythical god of karate. Busaganashi is also known as the Nine Heavens Deity of the Palace of Wind and Fire of the Three Field City.


There are two types of memberships offered by the N.I.P.P.A. The first is an annual membership, which is offered free with any purchase from Bushido Productions. The second is alifetime membership, which is offered free with the purchase of Master Moran’s set of twelve pressure point clinic tapes.


There are two levels of pressure point certification that a N.I.P.P.A. member can earn through the Institute. The first is a student ranking. This is earned by successfully completing twelve N.I.P.P.A. pressure point clinics, either in person or via skype.

The second level of certification is pressure point instructor. This can be earned by successfully completing an intensive four-day instructor’s certification course conducted by the National Institute of Pressure Point Arts after first earning your N.I.P.P.A. student ranking. For more information on the next instructor’s certification course or for a private course call 617-489-4025rss


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