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Personal and home security

Personal and home security

DECEMBER 15, 2012

Growing in popularity, The legal Defence keychain called the Sharp Shooter Self Defense keychain. They are designed to surprise your attacker because with one quick snap your keys go from short range device to long range device,both startling and stopping your attacker giving you time to escape or get help. We stock all 4 models of the Patented Sharp Shooter

Keychain. Order Today!sharp shooters break down

Will you be the next victim

Will you be the next victim?

Try to imagine what you would do, or how you would respond if something terrible happened to you. Whether your purse was snatched or you were a victim of a violent assault, the effects can be long lasting or even kill you. If you survive You are likely to live in constant fear of it happening again. Did you know that one in every four women will be a victim of domestic violence in her lifetime?  What if you had a sharp shooter keychain with you? What can you do to help prevent yourself from a criminal act?

Get a Sharp Shooter now and don’t become another statistic that says “I Thought It would never happen to me.” Get the Sharp Shooter keychain the most powerful self defense keychain you can own. It comes with a instruction DVD for free so at only $12.95 why wait? Get yours today!

sharp shooters break down

The Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychain..the Ultimate in Self Defense

Introducing The

Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychain

The Ultimate in Self Defense

it is time for you to feel safe!!!!

a must have for all the women

the sharp shooter will always be with you

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Sharp Shooter

Sharp ShooterSharp Shooter butt end