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Super Sharp Shooter Product Review


Product Review


Product Review of
Master Morans Sharp Shooter Key Chain

The Super Sharp shooter



I recently received my sample of Master Morans Sharp ShooterKey Chain. Before it arrived I was a little skeptical about what this product would look like as I had only seen a cartoonillustration of it. Let me say that after I opened the package I was very impressed with the overall quality and appearance of the device.

The product looks like your standard run of the mill key chainwhich I believe Master Moran has several Patents Pending as Iwrite this article. Dont be fooled by the simplicity of the Sharp Shooter design. It can be easily transformed into a very devasting weapon if the need arises. The more keys you have attached the heavier it will become and in effect cause more damage.

Master Moran optionally includes a short DVD that demonstrates some beginner techniques on how to use it. On the DVD are several methods of holding the keychainto cause various affects to the attacker. One of my personal favorites is a grip that allows the device to be used in an almost stabbing/poking action. This is very good for pressing pressure points.

Mater Morans Sharp Shooter Key Chain

I have attached a few screen captures from the DVD. To view the entire DVD click here.

The Sharp Shooter appears to be made of very durable materials. In testing it out I did not come across an easy way to damage the device. Altough for testing I would recommend using some older keys that are no longer of value in case you manage to hit something very hard. Doing so could possibly bend the keys. In a real world senario, if you find the need to actually use it on an attacker, I dont believe you could easily damage this device.

After playing with it for an hour or so it becomes much easier to use as you can kind of get a feeling for how long and heavy your own key set up is. I was able to get relatively accurate with hitting the end of a hanging string ( as mentioned in the optionally included DVD).

I must state that you have to start out very slowly as I did manage to cut my own wrist slightly when the keys bounced back at me after hitting a heavy bag. After some practice this should not be a problem. Depending on the keys attached at the time this device can be quite devastating. I was easily able to scar and in some cases cut the heavy bag I was practicing on.

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